Ryan P. Denver, CO

"PoliceTestGuide.com was simple and effective. It zeroed in on my weak points and helped to strengthen them until I could pass the entrance exams with confidence."

Amy S. Ann Arbor, MI

"My favorite part of Police Test Guide are the flash cards. They make learning fun!"

Alex O. San Francisco, CA

"This website has been great. The easy access to information and test prep material made the police test equally as easy. I couldn't have done it without the help!"

Justin P. Corvallis, OR

"Having the option to show the correct answer, was really useful. I liked that I can review the correct answer right after."

About Us

Every law enforcement agency has a required written test as a part of its hiring process. Given the competitive nature of the hiring process, it is essential that you gain the highest possible score. Police Test Guide is a website that provides the best police officer test preparation in the United States! At Police Test Guide we make it our mission to get you to the next step by standing out with your test scores!


Police Test Guide was founded by a United States Marine Corps Sergeant and former police applicant who needed some guidance while studying for his written test. When he couldn’t find much online to help him study, he created Police Test Guide and made it streamlined and easy to use. The police officer test prep content is a blend of questions from standardized police tests, past applicants’ feedback, as well as tips from current police officers.

Police Test Guide is constantly being updated and improved. Once applicants have taken the test and become police officers, we ask for their feedback. As a result, you will always receive the most up-to-date content available.

Our mission is to get you hired. We respect and honor your sacrifice and want to be part of your journey into law enforcement. Soon you will be a law enforcement officer protecting your community and that’s why we like to say, “We have your back, because soon you’ll have ours.”



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