Police Officer Salary

While police salary can often differ depending on the area and your rank, it’s good to know that your dream job does hold some fairly decent pay rates no matter what city you work for. In most cases, salary is dependent on time that you’ve served on the force, the population of the city that […]

Police Job Satisfaction

                                Working environments vary greatly by industry. With a variety of tasks that need to be performed by any working professional, your surroundings and your hours can both have an impact on your personal satisfaction of the work you do. […]

Boston Police Response to Bombing

  The Boston Marathon is one of the oldest sporting events in the American History. With thousands of runners coming from all over the world and hundreds of thousands of people lining the street, the event is not only one for sports, but of celebration. However, that celebration was brought to a fast halt when […]

Police Job Outlook 2013

Police Job Outlook 2013 looks promising… As the economy swung disturbingly close to a depression over the last few years, it was clear that the job market was shrinking. Not only were business professionals taking hits, but the local government budgets were suffering as well. Police departments across the country were facing minor layoffs, resulting […]