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Police Test Guide offers a complete online test preparation product for police officers, state troopers, sheriff deputies, and correctional officer applicants. Search thousands of law enforcement departments and pass your police test! We have hundreds of practice questions, flashcards, and videos. Don’t forget to check out our free resources to help you get hired.

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With our resources, we can help you pass your police test. We not only help you to study faster, but also teach you the skills to get ahead.

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Comprehensive Police Exam Guides

With hundreds of test questions, video tutorials and flash cards, our features go that extra mile to help you pass your police test.

Test Questions

Over 400 questions geared to you passing the test. We cover mathematics, reading comprehension, grammar, incident report writing, and problem-solving ability.

Video Tutorial

Police Test Guide has you covered regardless of your learning style. We have developed 30 videos explaining how to reach the correct answer. You will learn the critical thinking necessary to turn in a great test performance. Use this feature to review the night before test day.

Flash Cards

Police Test Guide takes out the guess work. We have compiled 350 of the most common words found on the police test as well as the most commonly misspelled words. Click through the flashcards database for a study break between taking the practice police exams.


What Our Customers Say?

I found studying for the police test to be quite demanding. With their resources, though, I was able to focus on specific areas and build my confidence. I was particularly impressed with their test questions. It enabled me to learn where I was going wrong.

James. Portland, OR

What I liked about their resources was how well-structured everything was. It helped me to organise my study in a way that covered all subject matter, leaving nothing out. The great thing is how you can study each topic of the police test and assess your knowledge afterward.

Louise. Dallas, TX

The advantage of using their resources is that they're kept up-to-date. You don't need to worry about falling behind, nor do you need to worry about studying for each part of the exam. There is nothing they don't cover. It means you can stay ahead of the competition at all times.

Richard. San Diego, CA

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