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Comprehensive Police Exam Guides

Police Test Guide offers comprehensive resources to help you pass your police test. Learn more about our exam resources here.

Test Questions

Over 400 questions geared to you passing the test. We cover mathematics, reading comprehension, grammar, incident report writing, and problem-solving ability.

Video Tutorial

Police Test Guide has you covered regardless of your learning style. We have developed 30 videos explaining how to reach the correct answer. You will learn the critical thinking necessary to turn in a great test performance. Use this feature to review the night before test day.

Flash Cards

Police Test Guide takes out the guess work. We have compiled 350 of the most common words found on the police test as well as the most commonly misspelled words. Click through the flashcards database for a study break between taking the practice police exams.

Diagnostics Quiz

This quiz is designed to find your strengths and to highlight those areas you need to work on. It is the first step in your journey to becoming a police officer. This 35-question quiz gives a snapshot of what you can expect on the various police tests.

Math Refresher Quiz

Whether you majored in mathematics in college or you have not had a math class in over 5 years, this quiz is designed to prepare you for the mathematical portion of the police test. This section will give you the confidence to perform without the use of a calculator and to tackle any math question on the police test.

Practice Police Exams

Four full-length practice exams provide you with 400 questions to ensure you are prepared come test day. Take these police tests as many times as you need. Our testing system keeps track of your score with each attempt. This allows you to see your progress and to go back and review.

Test Taking Tips

Police Test Guide has streamlined what is important when it comes to multiple choice testing giving you the skills to pass the police test. These simple tips will help you pass the test or your money back!

Interview Tips

This section breaks down the do's and don't for police interviews. From how to answer behavioral interview questions to knowing the 5 most important things about the police department you applying for we have you covered.


Our test interface places you in control with our user profile that tracks your progress. We also give you the ability reveal the correct answer after each questions while its fresh in your mind. This allows you to maximize your learning experience.

12 Month Access

In the competitive world of law enforcement, many applicants will apply two or three times before being hired. Because of this, we offer one-year access to the test prep materials. This allows you to maintain your skills between the different tests you may take.

Free Upgrades

Police Test Guide is on the cutting edge of the law enforcement test prep industry. We are continually adding features and updating content to serve the needs of our members. As a paid member you will be entitled to all upgrades for free. Just log into your account and see the new features that have been added.


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No Surprises on Test Day...Police Test Guide is a complete, start-to-finish online preparation resource. As a member, you'll quickly become familiar with every single aspect of the written police exam. So when test day comes, you're completely confident and fully prepared.


What Our Customers Say

Sarah. Salt Lake City, UT.

I always found studying difficult. I was never particularly academic in school and always found it challenging to commit large volumes of information to memory. These resources really helped though, as I could structure my study and focus on what’s important.

Michael. Buffalo, NY.

I’ve always wanted to become a police officer and so, when I had the chance, I decided to take it. The resources at Police Test Guide are excellent – very well organized, very detailed, but presented in a manner that doesn’t overwhelm you.

Steven. Sioux City, IA.

One of the great things about their member’s area is their practice test questions. These questions allow you to test your knowledge, but also telling you what you need to brush up on. They’re a great and informative barometer of where your study should take you.

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