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Police Polygraph Questions | What to Expect on Exam Day

As part of the hiring process, candidates are required to undertake a police polygraph, known colloquially as lie detection. This test often invokes fear, anxiety and dread; participants unsure whether the detection will report accurately their statements of truth. Once you know what type of police polygraph questions to expect, things get much, much easier.… Read more »

How to Answer Multiple-Choice Questions

During the police test you will be asked a series of multiple-choice questions. You just select the correct answer, right? Right – but it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes you’re confronted with a question you’re unsure of, or perhaps you don’t know the answer. In these cases, it’s crucial you apply the right… Read more »

Nutrition Advice for the Police Fitness Test

The police fitness test is just one part of the police exam. Unlike the other elements of the police exam, this test requires a very different type of preparation. What constitutes the police fitness test varies on a state by state basis. However, there are common threads between almost all variations of the exam. You… Read more »