5 Qualities that Every Law Enforcement Officer Must Have

Posted on June 18, 2018 by admin - Blog, Police test guide info
Law Enforcement Officer

Law enforcement officers are an integral and trusted section of every community. Citizens look to law enforcement officers to both prevent and solve crime; to protect the community in a positive and effective manner.

If you’re thinking about becoming a law enforcement officer, you should consider whether you have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform your duties in the most effective and productive manner.

Today, we take a few minutes to learn more about the 7 essential qualities you need to be an effective law enforcement officer.

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#1 People person

As a law enforcement officer, you are dealing with the community daily. At the end of the day – no matter what strand of the profession you enter, whether it’s protecting an annual event or talking with the public over the phone, you need to care about the people entrusted to your service. If you are not people-oriented, you may find the daily tasks both difficult and exhausting.

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#2 Diverse skillset

Police officers must have a diverse range of skills and knowledge. Remember – many people who turn to law enforcement have previously gained degrees in related subject matters, whether it be law or science. There is a significant written and reporting element to law enforcement too. You also need to be an excellent critical thinker. Law enforcement isn’t all about the physical defence of the community. The profession comes with many other necessary knowledge and skillsets that every officer should have.

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#3 Working with others

It’s not enough, of course, to just work with the public. You must also work with your colleagues. In other words, you must be a team player. Officers must communicate effectively to other members of the team. The team itself may be very diverse. For example, it may include emergency personnel, legal personnel as well as working with other police departments across the United States. All police officers should work closely within the team and not obstruct the work delegated by the assigned leader.

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#4 Think fast

Earlier, we talked about the need for police officers to have critical thinking skills. This feeds into the next skill that officers should have; namely, the ability to think quick and on your feet. In many instances, police officers must make a quick decision. However, this decision must be based on evidence and reason, and one shaped by the existing legal framework surrounding that specific problem. The most effective police officers are those who can think on their feet for the good of their community.

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#5 Stand out for the right reasons

Law enforcement officers should stand out for the right reasons. If you’re an aspiring law enforcement officer, you need to pass the police test. This test is composed of three main elements – the police written test, the police fitness test and the police interview test. You need to excel at all three tests. It’s not enough to “just pass”. The number of applicants is at an all-time high.

How can you stand out? Here are some great ideas:

Obtain a degree in a criminal justice subject matter
Do that extra research on the police department you wish to apply for
Excel at each component of the exam – don’t settle for less

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What next?

Today’s blog talked about how to study for the police exam. We’ve talked about the importance of long-term planning and how to divide your study time into manageable and effective blocks. These blocks help you learn more over the shortest possible time.

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