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In the meantime, though, let’s quickly review some of the police test questions that you’ll be confronted with on the day of your police test.

Sample Question #1

Martha earned $670 last week working in her local Los Angeles police department. 28 percent of her weekly earnings are used to pay her monthly rent. How much rent does Martha pay each month?

  • a) $670
  • b) $750
  • c) $810
  • d) $1,340

This is the typical police math question you can come to expect. You are presented with a question and four possible answers – only one of which is correct. You’ll be tested on many different aspects of the police exam; this question focussing on basic reasoning and how to use percentages correctly.

The correct answer is b) $750. How do we arrive at the answer?

We learn that Martha pays 28 percent of her weekly wage toward rent. In other words, Martha pays 28 percent of her monthly wage toward rent – it’s the same thing.

  • Martha’s weekly wage - $670
  • Martha’s monthly wage - $2,680
  • 28% of $2,680 is approximately $750.

Even if you didn’t use a calculator, percentages are very easy to work with.

Let’s move onto our next question.

Sample Question #2

_____ are many reasons why Linda was convicted. The court judgement was clear;
______ convinced that the evidence points to her as the definitive guilty party.

  • a) Their / Their
  • b) They / They’re
  • c) There / They’re
  • d) Their / They

This is the type of question you can expect on the reading comprehension exam. Questions on grammar and spelling are not uncommon. Don’t forget – part of the job of a police officer is the ability to both read, interpret and write reports. Law enforcement officers must have a solid command of the English language.

This question talks about the correct use of grammar.

The correct answer is c) There / They’re.

Why is c) the correct answer though?

Let’s talk about the possible options.

“Their” cannot be correct because “their” is about possession. For example – it was “their” football – that is to say, they “own” it. That’s how we use “their” in all grammar cases.

When an apostrophe is introduced, it is used to combine two words together.

  • “They’re” is a contraction of “They are”

“They are” is very different to “There are”. “They” generally refers to people or living things, whereas “there are” talks about multiples of objects / reasons / things:

  • They are interested in football.
  • There are many reasons why they didn’t like football.

While the rules of grammar and spelling may seem unimportant, they are part and parcel of the daily duties of every successful police officer.

Rather than seeing grammar, spelling and the reading comprehension exam as something distant and irrelevant, try to motivate yourself to learn the rules; this motivation helping you score better and, in the end, helping you get selected to train as a law enforcement officer.

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