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As your complete police test study guide, we are proud to offer aspiring police officers – throughout the United States – with the opportunity to learn from the best. Our resources have been developed by police officers who understand what’s needed to score the very best result.

Not only this, but the resources at Police Test Guide are kept consistently up-to-date. Each state has their own candidate requirements and test specifications. The great, and unique, thing about our packages is that they’re tailored toward these very needs.

You don’t need to worry about whether you have all the right study materials.

We have it covered.

Police Exam Preparation

Our police test study guide contains everything you’d expect to cover on your police exam.

Our resources include:

  • Hundreds of police test questions – covering everything from reading comprehension and grammar and spelling, to math questions and sample police exams.
  • Video tutorials – the great thing about video tutorials is that they augment the learning you do with pen and paper. Visual and auditory means of learning are just as important. That’s where our video tutorials come in.
  • Police flashcards – flashcards are an incredibly powerful learning tool. They offer the student the ability to revise the essential, relevant information in a quickfire way that detects your strengths and weaknesses – allowing you to quickly build your knowledge.
  • Practice tests – no police test study guide would be complete without police exam practice tests. Our practice tests have been re-formulated to meet the needs and demands of the 2018 police exam. Our practice tests give you the unique opportunity to gauge your study performance to date.
  • Diagnostics Quizzes – the purpose of diagnostics quizzes is to apply your current knowledge to real-life policing situations. They give you the opportunity to critically think about policing scenarios and how you would react. Our diagnostics quizzes are among the most popular features of our police exam program.
  • Study Guides – not everyone knows how to study. Sure, we can all study – but can we study effectively. That’s the purpose of this section. It helps identify your study strengths and weaknesses and highlights where you need to improve. Effective study plans, and strategies, can halve your study time while maximizing the amount of information you retain in memory. Our study guides also extend to the police fitness test – helping to prepare you for this essential part of the police test.
  • Police Math Questions – our police test study guide contains hundreds of police math questions to prepare you for this most frustrating part of the police exam. With the right preparation, this part of the exam doesn’t need to be difficult. We prepare you over the coming weeks to dominate this section of the police exam.
  • Police Interview Test – the police interview test is one of the most daunting parts of the exam, but it doesn’t need to be. Preparing in the upcoming weeks and months is essential. We provide you with the tips, tricks and strategies you need to know to master this test.
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As the most complete police test study guide on the net, we are proud to provide excellence in resource content and preparation. We hope that, through our resources, you too can benefit from the content that we have put together. Police Test Guide has helped thousands of applicants pass their police exam.

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