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Checkout our trusted list of helpful links that offer a wealth of information. Learn more about how to become a police officer. is a website that offers a wealth of information about becoming a police officer and is operated by the International Association of Police Chiefs. It promotes careers in law enforcement and allows agencies to post open law enforcement positions. is a website that offers cop news and various law enformcent related content. It contains forums, blogs, and a directory of various services. This is a great site for staying up-to-date on law enforcement current events. is a job search engine. It allows users to set up email alerts for specific job openings or keywords in their cities and states. This allows job seekers to be the first to know about a job post in their area.


Department of Labor has a great resource called the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which offers information about Police and Detectives employment across the united states. This can be a great place to start your research and see the growth statistics of law enforcement careers over the next decade.


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