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Police Oral Board Questions


Police oral board questions can be broken down into two sections with the first examining a candidate’s personality and why they think they can make excellent officers of the police. The second oral board section comprises the scenario kind of questions that examines one’s ability to solve problems and make sound judgments. For instance, a typical question that can be asked by an oral board during an interview is as stated below.

“A fellow officer calls for help to settle a family dispute that has gone beyond their ability to take control. When you arrive at the house of the family undergoing a dispute, you see your colleague on the floor struggling with the subject who is male. The subject is on top of your fellow officer and trying to punch him on his face. What would you do in such a scenario? Please explain your answer.”

In order to respond to police oral board questions of this kind, it is necessary for the candidates to be interviewed to know and understand the force continuum. This is due to the fact that such questions are usually based on the force continuum knowledge and skills. In fact, the probability of a candidate scoring high in an oral board interview highly depends on the force. With such kind of questions, the oral board seeks to find out how the candidate’s mind really works. Whether they react or act with regards to the arising situations that need their intervention.

The manner in which a candidate responds to the questions tells the board the kind of action the candidate would take or solution they would provide to solve such matters. It is essential for candidates to provide responses that do not indicate they would get someone killed, over react or under react to the situation at hand. As a result, knowledge of the force continuum before turning up for an interview before an oral board is essential. With the knowledge, the manner in which a candidate responds to police oral board questions can either open a door for them into a promising law enforcement career or shut it completely.

Note that the force level used to answer questions before the oral board is totally dependent on the prevailing circumstances. The force continuum is utilized by the officers of the police as an alternative to a scale of force; it leverages the level of force used when responding to certain circumstances. The force continuum features 6 levels that are very broad in nature. The flexibility of the force allows the police officer to apply a suitable amount of force depending on the development of the scenario at hand.

The force levels keep changing from one to another; high to low and vice versa. Generally, the police oral board questions are asked during interviews to determine if the candidate in question is a good match for the available job position. It is also common to be asked about a past experience with the force or police officers. A candidate can also be asked to state or explain some of the problems they see in the community of officers that need to be solved.

The six force continuum levels comprise of the deadly force, less lethal; Pepper Spray, Taser, Baton; empty hand control, verbal commands and the presence of an officer. It is important to be ethical when responding to interview questions before an oral board. Above all, preparing well to answer the range of police oral board questions during an interview is a perfect recipe for candidates to secure the job of choice they are being interviewed for.



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