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Police Psychological Test


The police psychological test helps in the determination if a candidate is well suited for a job vacancy. The test has nothing to do with one’s mental or psychological health. In fact, many people who are healthy cannot work in the law enforcement sector. Whether one wishes to become an officer of the police at the federal, state, city or even municipal level, they must take the police test for psychology.

The test is administered to ensure that the candidate in question is able to deal with the many obstacles encountered by police officers in their day to day jobs. Thinking that this exam is designed to test one’s mental health is what is crazy. A psychologist utilizes the answers provided to the test questions to find out if the candidate is suitable for the job or not, making the test subjective. The evaluation or analysis report provided by the psychologist is what matters when it comes to deciding on a candidate’s suitability for the job.

The police psychological test comprises of written exam questions. Although tests provided to candidates differ, candidates are usually given a handful of tests that are well written to answer before appearing for an interview. Before the interview, candidates are expected to provide responses to the test to be scored, analyzed and interpreted by a specialized doctor in a relevant field. Normally, the candidates are given a chance to discuss the exam and if possible, clarify and explain their answers.

Although certain questions might seem weird, they all usually serve a purpose. There are certain questions that are usually asked at least once. It is recommended that candidates make an effort and try to respond to all the questions featured in the test. Some tests are designed to guide candidates on how to go about responding to the questions. When taking a police psychological test, it is best to be as honest and accurate as possible. Being dishonest or defensive only lowers one’s chances of landing the job being interviewed for.

With the test, no response is wrong and none is right. What the exam does is to test the candidate’s behavior, thoughts or even just bring up essential issues to be discussed when the interview initiates. During the interview, any areas of concern in an individual’s background are touched on and could entail the candidate’s education, family background and history of relationships. Bad drinking habits, goals in one’s career, interests in the job or even stress-related issues are discussed during interviews.

A candidate can expect to sign a privacy waiver to ensure that the information they provide during the test is only shared with the prospective employer. It is critical to note that the police psychological test is only done for pre-employment purposes, but nothing to do with counseling or developing relationships with the psychologists in charge. When preparing for the test, a candidate should get enough rest in advance, try to relax and arrive at the exam venue on time. Being yourself is a plus!

Many other evaluations are carried out before one can finally do the psychological exams. Therefore, by reaching the point of doing this exam, it only shows that the candidate stands a chance of being selected for the position. Failing an exam of this nature simply means that one is not suited for the job, but not that they have mental problems. In fact, they can still be evaluated for other positions in the organization.

In order to qualify for a police officer position and pass the police psychological test, a candidate should display a behavior that is not aggressive, easily analyze and present information, have sound judgment socially and great problem solving skills.

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