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State Trooper Salary


State troopers comprise the most essential police officers in any given state. The state trooper salary depends greatly on an individual’s responsibilities in the job and qualifications. Unlike the salaries of municipal and city police agencies, state troopers earn a much higher salary with a possibility of a raise or even promotion. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average national salary is $55,000. However, the exact amount varies from one state to another.

State troopers are responsible for different kinds of jobs, such as assisting motorists who are stranded, issuing tickets for traffic, working together with officials who enforce the law and handling accidents. The state troopers also have the option of focusing on a certain specialty in law enforcement like the canine unit. Recruits undergo a thorough period of training during which they are paid before being hired as state troopers. The amount paid to recruits varies from one state to another.

The average state trooper salary in 2010 according to the Simply Hired site is about $32,000 annually. Troopers deployed in highly populated areas earn more money compared to their counterparts who work in areas that are less populated. For instance, in 2010, troopers working in the new Jersey state earn an average of $57,000 annually. Newly trained troopers earn less than their counterparts who have been working in the industry and have managed to garner years of experience.

In addition to the stipulated salary in any given state, it is common to find officials who receive a number of benefits ranging from personal leaves, time for holidays or vacation as well as uniforms that are paid. Some

states such as NYC dry clean the uniforms of their officials.

Factors Affecting the State Trooper Salary

There are several factors that influence the salary paid to state troopers. Some of these factors are discussed below.


Geography can play a great role in determining a person’s salary. Officials working in urban areas earn higher salaries than those handling assignments in rural areas. States with economies that are robust pay better than those with lower economies. This is due to the fact that the cost of living and established budgets of a state determines the pay of state troopers.


State police agencies usually employ candidates who are the most qualified for the job. Officials with higher education get a bonus on their pay. One can have a diploma, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or even a masters degree in a relevant course. Educational qualifications can also help a state trooper gain a promotion. Various skills needed on the job are also gained through education.

Service in the Military

Veterans of the military have the skills and experience needed to work as a state trooper. The environment is not just risky, but also very dangerous, making veterans perfect for the job. This is the reason many state police agencies prefer to hire veterans to take up such jobs. And, due the high skills and experience of veterans, they are paid a high state trooper salary.


Seniority can be gained either within a particular police agency or an external. Senior officials have worked for many years and gained the necessary knowledge and skills needed to play the state trooper role. When a senior person is hired to fill such a position, they are paid highly.

Job Responsibility

The specific role played by a state trooper determines the salary they will earn.  Some of the responsibilities of a state trooper include monitoring of traffic, enforcement of narcotics, SWAT, investigation of criminals, countering terrorism, disposal of bombs, etc. For instance, the state trooper salary of a regular official in the state of California is about $84,036 while that of a pilot officer averages $98,256.

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